Another one bites the dust

So. Another weird injury for me. And another debate whether it’s bad enough to go to the doctor. It’s sad when the nurses see me, they get excited because they know that I’m not some boring cold or flu. Oh no. They are going to most likely get to bust out the x-ray machine. Yeah. Last time I might have asked them if they could rename the x-ray room after me. I mean, in the past 2 years, I have been in there about 7 or 8 times. That’s probably not super good…

So my first excitement at the doctor was a broken toe. About 2 weeks after getting our baby boy. I was going too fast… that’s a story for another time… and broke my toe.  Correction – I crushed my baby toe. And the x-ray concurred. I broke it in three places – one fracture straight down through the joint. Yay. The doctor said that my toe would never be the same. Uh huh. I figured that out by looking down. So after 3 more x-ray visits, the toe healed. Well sort of. I’m grading it on a curve [haha. no really]

Then there was the time that I dropped the leaf blower on my foot.  Gross and painful.  And I passed out a little.  But nothing broken.   [ooh, need to try harder]

Then I had the fancy pneumonia x-rays.  Twice.  So fun.

So this weird injury with my foot now.  I can’t really walk.  Or stand.  I’m thinking it’s tendonitis.  But it could be so many things.  My faux-PT skills only go so far.  Ugh.  I do need to walk.  Decisions for tomorrow…

What? I’m a writer?

So… it hit me this week – when the book that I helped collaborate with was published and on sale at Amazon.  And then when I got the hard copy.  And saw my name there on the page.  Did I really write that?  Yep.  Maybe, just maybe I can call myself a writer.

I’m a writer?  What?!  That’s just crazy.

You would think that fact would be obvious to me.  With all the typing and pen writing I do.  And hello, this blog?  But to call myself a writer…

I’ve been writing my whole life. I journaled passionately with all the angst in high school. I even wrote songs – some with music to them.  Alas, maybe just calling those poems, sometimes to a tune.

I’ve tried regular blogging off and on in my adult life. But most of the time life gets in the way.  And ta-da – I’m behind on the blog.  Most of the time because I’m journaling.  Working out thoughts and emotions.  I’m still writing, but just in a private way.

Words have power with me. I can tell if I get behind on my journal because my brain gets heavy. I have to get the words and the thoughts out.  I get bogged down.  And the words are coming out, one way or another.  read: ranting to husband 

A while ago, I was talking with a friend about this blog. She asked: why do you want to write.   And the answer was obvious.  I didn’t need to even think about it.  Because I NEED to write.  I have to get the words out.  I have to write and create.

The words have to pour out of my fingers as I type with purpose


What may sound like angry clanking of the keyboard is really a race to get the words out – to keep up with my brain.

Or when I’m handwriting in my journal (yeah old school) when my pen goes faster than my hand and my eyes blur out ever so slightly. I’m in the zone, and the words are flowing.

So now I have a book, with a little part of me inside.  A friend and I wrote the last part – about adoptive motherhood.  Something that is very close to my heart.  Sharing the experiences and those fears, doubts and unknowns that adopting a child will bring.

IMG_3586  Available here and here!

And now I’m starting to write a book – just me. Not sure how it is going to go. But I have to get the words out.  And I’m ready.

500 Words or less

Recently, I had laryngitis. It was “last week” when I started writing this.  Now it’s been a while… Sickness has really hit me hard this spring. Or the end of this winter. Who can tell, when one day it’s in the 50s and then next it’s topping out in the 80s.  The beauty of the south.

So no wonder my body doesn’t know what’s going on!  After having pneumonia, then a virus that tagged on the end of that — which turned into laryngitis, I’m so ready for spring.

Or at least to not be sick. Spring is not my season for that. Hello allergies!

Hello allergies!

While having laryngitis, I thought about how I really had to choose my words — more specifically when I talked…  And it was HARD.  I’m a talker.  Even to the verge of rambling.  I’m also the crazy lady that is talking to herself in the grocery store.  I guess I just love words.  {welcome to my blog}

500 words.  Not sure where that number came from – It seems when you write things it needs to be 500 words or more, when the teacher is trying to teach you to be more verbose.  And then 500 words or less, if you are learning to be concise.

Really there are two main types of writers.  Trying to reach that 500 word mark.

The first:  “Pioneers worked very very very very very very very very hard a long long long long time ago.”   This is going to take forever. 

The second (read: me):  They have to go back through several times and figure out where to take out two “ands” and put in semicolons to get it down to 499 words.  Just under!  Whew! 

Since I wasn’t talking a lot those few days, stricken with my limited playlist voice, I started thinking.  Uh oh.  What if I was limited to only 500 in a day?  Interesting.  What would I choose to say?   I think I would have to think a lot more.  But then I don’t think I’d be ruminating after the fact as much.  Oh, I’d miss that.  yeah right. 

And then magical “two-thirds conversation” that moms with young kids – or really any kids that are going in different directions – try to have with each other.  Those would be limited, maybe making only 1 whole conversation, instead of 3 two-thirds.

But I had to get through THIS laryngitis.  And having three small children that are loud (oh so loud), I have to get their attention.  Well, screaming was out of the question.  I tried clapping, but they didn’t hear it or thought I was cheering them on.  So I got a whistle.  Yeah,  a whistle.  But it was loud, quick — and they paid attention so that I could whisper instructions.  {well actually quiet talk instructions – whispering is bad for your voice}

And I only sort of completely felt like this:

Unknown  Unknown-1

Thankfully my Von Trapp days are over.

Sprint to the finish

I can’t believe the end of school is so close.  If it weren’t for the tattered look of our school folders, I would think that we were still in the first few months of school.  This year has just flown by.  And next year, having two in school — I can’t imagine how fast that year will go!

And now I’m planning summer activities – well, I better have started planning in March.  Because for some things, it’s already too late.  Whoa!  And then in a couple of weeks, it will be time to plan for the fall.  (I’ve already started that.  Planning preschool for my youngest – and who will be where during the school year)  It’s crazy.  I haven’t even finished this year, and yet the next school year is already being planned in my head.  And my head is still trying to catch up to the fact that it’s the end of this school year.

Ugh.  I’m exhausted.

It’s no wonder that I’m finding it hard to find the time to blog.  During spring break, it went really well.  I had a plan and time to write it.  And I’m thinking the summer might be that way too.

It’s the daily grind that gets

and not the good kind of daily grind

It’s the everyday necessities.  The things that have to be done.  Get kids ready for school and get them to school. Then run an errand, do a couple chores, hopefully workout, and maybe shower. Then it’s time to pick them up — snacks, homework, playing outside, activities, dinner, bath and then to bed. And then do it all over again the next day.

In this ongoing cycle, I’m finding it hard to find time to blog.  Yeah, I know.  I probably should make time.  And that is the challenge that I am putting on myself.  Productivity.  Where does my time go?  If track it, I watch it and I don’t lose any of it.  It’s like a game to me, albeit, an unsustainable game.  So, tracking my time doesn’t work for me.  It’s when I’m not looking that I lose time.  What?  It’s 4:30 already? 

About 2:30 in the afternoon, I just start wandering around the house.  I’m hungry.  I’m not.  Maybe some coffee.  Maybe a power nap that I enjoy so much.  Wait.  Don’t we need to do homework?  Hmm.  I’m hungry.  Wait.  What am I doing?

it’s very much a Dory kind of afternoon

I can organize stuff all. day. long.  One, because it’s fun for me.  And two, it’s tangible and visible.  My organization challenges come in the unseen.  The mysteries of TIME.  Ooooh.  By nature, I’m a late arriver, a slow waker, and a procrastinator — I’ll just put that in the later pile.  I need to learn skills of time management.  Like now.  Well, really I need to learn ME management, how I work within time.  What happens?  Especially in the afternoon, but I have these moments all day.

The days that I have more to do, I seem to do more.  Huh.

I’ve been reading a few books about building habits, routines, and general productivity.  Let the research begin!!  I plan to figure out where all my time is going.  But wherever it’s going, it’s going fast.

Cat Nap

I have discovered the cat nap.

I know people that can nap in the afternoon. But to me that was an elusive magic trick.  I only nap if I am sick. Really sick.  If I fall asleep and it’s not bedtime, I know it’s bad.  Sick. Every. Time.

And I’ve always thought of naps being an hour or two.  I don’t have time for that.  And after that long, I just feel gross and sluggish.  As in like a slug.  Yuck.

Alas… I was reading something the other day about the power nap. A nap less than 30 minutes. Because it can increase energy and brain function. Yes, thank you, please. I need both of those.

Challenge accepted!  Let’s get this cat nap started!


Ahh…the cat nap.
I wonder if I look this cute when napping
(answer: no) 

Then I found this cute little app for cat naps (complete with cute kitty cat), I knew I had to try the power nap.  You set it for 30 minutes or less.  It has white noise and a happy little alarm. It’s amazing.

**** What is my deal with cats recently. First the kitten me blogNow the cat nap. I am so not a cat person. Sure, I like them from a fluffy, cute animal point of view, but I really don’t want to live with one.  Weird.  Anyway. ****

So now I’m cat napping during the afternoon.  When that time comes when I come like a slug — needing coffee, staring into space and snacking uncontrollably — I slip away for just a few minutes.  It’s short enough that the kids don’t do anything super CRAZY.  And I wake up more alert and active and functioning like a real live person!  My cat nap is 15 minutes. About 5 minutes to relax and calm down, and then when the happy alarm sounds, I’ve been asleep.  Or at least mostly unconscious.

I may have found the secret to surviving the afternoon…


The silent P

The word around here last week…  pneumonia.  Seriously.  I had pneumonia.  Who gets that? I didn’t have just a regular virus or the flu – or something boring, which I usually have.  More specifically it was walking pneumonia.  I guess the walking part means that you aren’t in the hospital.  Because I wasn’t doing much walking around.  I was taken OUT.  After my stumbling sick Frankenstein walk, it got so much worse.  105 degree fever.  Shortness of breath.  Coughing…so…much. Ugh.  But when the doctor said “it’s pneumonia”


Well, at least it wasn’t a wasted trip to the doctor.  I got a shot and lots of medication.  It was glorious…  Well it was a few days later when I could breathe and I wasn’t coughing so much that I thought my eyes were going to bleed.  Ok.  A little much.  But it was probably the sickest I’ve been in a very very long time.  At least in my adult life.

And of the kitten above… Little Monkey has a shirt that she picked out at the Red Bullseye Store.  I thought it was cute with kittens, but the other two kids were hiding in the clothing racks, I just grabbed it and threw it in the cart.  Hey, it was on sale.  Only after it was deemed her favorite shirt did I actually READ it.  “You’ve got to be kitten me, right meow”  Ok, so not my first choice of shirts.  But now it’s ours.  At least it’s a long sleeve shirt and will be phased out in a few weeks.  And now we have a catch phrase to say in our family, if someone is being ridiculous.  Not that that ever happens around here…

The one good thing about the pneumonia – I got to teach the girls about the silent p.  I knew there was a spelling lesson in there.  In between the coughs.

Walk like an Egyptian

Or, maybe not.  For me, it’s more like walk like a baby deer.  I have been taken out — again — by a sickness.  This is so not like me. I don’t get sick all the time.  I think…  I don’t really know.  I have fever brain.  And really, I’m not sure how this post is going to end up.  But I thought it would be fun!

I couldn’t move for almost two days.  I had a high fever.  I was just moaning and groaning.  Yes, it was pleasant.  Right…  Then the coughing started.  Incessant coughing.  Can’t breathe coughing.  Amazing feeling.  And then finally my fever broke.

So now I feel sort of like a person.  Well, more like Frankenstein.  The walk.  The look.  Sort of a person, but not really.  So now it’s Walk like Frankenstein.


Yep, that’s me.  Arms out to brace myself on every surface.  Heavy, straight legs stumbling across the room.  Not sure where I’m going.  And I kind of look like that too.  Two sick days at home do NOT look pretty.

Oh and yes, Frankenstein parenting totally works.  With the cough between every other word and the stumble walk, let’s just hope there aren’t any emergencies.

The “fancy” walk is probably courtesy of two days of not moving at all and not really being able to eat.

So here’s to Frankenstein stalking on into the kitchen to find something for lunch.

The Secret Garden

So I told myself I was going to blog three times a week.  And now I’m telling you.  Maybe this will make me more apt to do it.  If it’s OUT THERE…

So my excuse this time is that I was sick.  It took me out for a few days.  Well, only for about 24 hours, but then the other few days had limited brain function.  Only having the capacity to think one thing at a time.  And only one thought an hour.  All of that was used up on parenting.  Basic level one survival parenting.

And then… My husband got sick.  He stayed sick for almost a whole week (er…continues to be sick).  So hence, little time for writing, once again.

But I was very proud.  This sickness (the same one) only took me down for pretty much an afternoon.  Fervent use of essential oils.  Vitamin C like candy.  Roar.  I beat it.  Strong me!

Whoops.  Pride goeth before a fall.  Friday afternoon.  Bam.  It hit me again.  And I had to fight it again.  But it’s on the way out.  For good, this time? 

Pride goeth before a fall.  Reminds me of my favorite movie as a child.  It’s pretty obscure, well at least the version I like.  Read: only VHS quality, even on the $30 DVD offered on Amazon.

The Secret Garden – The Hallmark Hall of Fame version.  I watched that over and over as a child.  It was my first (of many) movies to be able to quote.  And I believe it began my fondness for Colin Firth.


The main character Mary is very hardened and pious.  For reasons she is this way, I will let you see the movie – or read the book!!  Or both!!  In this movie, the gardener quotes that proverb to Mary.   So anytime I hear it, even in my own head, it’s in his voice!


That hat.  That coat.  Right?!  Anyway, I love the movie.  I guess you get that by now.  And my pride that I had beaten the sickness came indeed before my fall.  Back into snot and fever and exhaustion.

Ok, one more.  This face:  gennie

Seriously.  Hallmark movies are really the best.  Just enough cheese and lots of heart!!   More on my obsession with movies like this (aka my Christmas movies) later…

Welcome to Vivacious Home

The blog that I have wanted to do is finally here. I’m getting it started in the new year. Maybe a few days later than the first of January… the traditional kick off to new year’s resolutions.

The word vivacious means happy, lively, joyous and energetic. That is what I want my home to epitomize. This is what I want all the areas of my life to be! So come with me as we make our homes more vivacious.

•  Organizing is an important part of my life – ideas, how-tos and my personal projects can be found in the Organized Home.  Organizing can be fun – and even a little joyous, especially that final product!
•  Being a stay at home mom is my full time job… And I want that part to be joyous.  And it needs lots of energy!  My thoughts, discoveries and journeys will be found in the Mommy at Home!
•  And a new challenge for myself is making my own products at home – instead of packaged, store-bought items.  This exploration is going to be slow.  And a little trial and error.  Well, a lot of trial and error.  This fun challenge (at least for me) will be found in the Healthy Home.