The Big Blob


The week before Christmas, I usually choose to NOT leave the house.  Because I have all three kids in tow.  And it’s crazy out there.  I like a good Black Friday free-for-all once in a while.  But I’m not a “3 days before Christmas” shopper.  Really, I’m not shopping in a brick and mortar anyway.  I like shopping with the computer and mouse.  So at home we stay.  It’s a nice time to decompress from the busy first half of December.  A time to just lay around like a blob.  Wear your pjs.  Sleep in as much as my early risers will let me.  7:15 never looked so good!  

But this year I wasn’t going to blob as much.  I had a plan.  I was going to get so much done over the Christmas break.  I was going to get rid of stuff.  Get rid of it all.  All those “just in cases” and “maybe laters.”  I was going to finally do it.  We had no major plans.  It was GOING to happen.  Perhaps I was dreaming too big.  But I had it scheduled it down to the day.  And I was just getting started when…

My little boy came up to me and said “The bathroom floor is wet downstairs.  But I didn’t do it.”  Ok.  So I’m expecting a small little puddle of something.  Maybe the sink splashed.  Or the toilet overflowed, at worst.

Nope.  I squished into the carpet a good 2 feet outside the bathroom door.  And there it was.  About an inch of standing water in the bathroom.  Definitely not what I thought I was going to see.

So after much crying & panicking (me) and calling the emergency plumber (since of course it was after hours) and shop vac-ing the water out (my husband) – here it was.  Our Christmas plans.  Refinish the downstairs den & bathroom.

All my plans of cleaning out the house, working towards getting rid of stuff came to a screeching halt – before they even began.  Because now, my primary work zone was now overtaken with the stuff that was relocated from the flood zone.

So with my plans halted and workmen coming to the house to remove the contamination – let the blobbing begin.

We blobbed while our house was taken apart.  Then Christmas came – with pjs and presents and cinnamon rolls.  Holiday blobbing.  And then post-holiday blobbing.  And we just kind of blobbed until new years.  No school.  No work.  No real clothes.  Just blobs.

So the new year came.  The tree came down.  Back to work.  Back to school.  Back to wearing REAL clothes.  And it lasted 2 days.   Only two whole days without the blob.

Now winter weather has shut everything down.  Nowhere to go.  Back to blobbing.  Will the blobbing ever end?

Adventure time

Recently, I have been thinking about what I want to do when I grow up.  Well, what I really want to do.

I was reading a book recently – and the character went on several trips, fulfilling dreams of travel and experiences.  And it got me thinking.  What are some dreams and experiences that I have.  Things I want to do.  Things I might be putting off until later.

But later usually doesn’t come.  You have to plan for later.  Well, at least I do.

It sounds easy to do.  Think of what you want to do.  Then do it.  Right?  I have a friend that is really good at that.  She sees a goal and just goes for it.  Courage.  Confidence.

I long to be even a little like that.  But I tend to proceed with caution.  Thinking of things that could happen.  You can call it planning.  Or you can call it apprehension.

VGA capture

So why can’t I just go for it?

I want to play the drums.
I want to be fit and healthy.  And enjoy doing it.
I want to be mindful with my time use.
I want to have something of an organizing business.
I want to rock climb – indoor only.  I’m not that brave.
I want to go to Italy.
I want to live purposefully.

Now some of these are totally doable.  Some of these will take work.  Some of these might not ever happen.  But dreaming keeps the child-like part of my brain alive.

Wait.  This might be a mid-life crisis.  But you know what?  Maybe it is.  Or maybe it’s just the right time.

How do you spell fall?

Fall….Where are you?

My 2nd grader was doing a reading comprehension sheet about seasons last week and the topic was fall.  So after reading, she needed to answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

And one of them stumped her.

Why is fall cooler than summer but not as cold as winter?   “It’s not cooler than summer.”

Ok, so hypothetically, why is fall cooler than summer?   “Why is it not cooler than summer yet?”

Baby girl, I don’t know.  I’m ready for some cool weather.  Some scarf wearing, boot wearing, nice cool breeze weather.

And some holiday word spelling has been a little tricky…

Hallowing = Halloween
Tricker Treat = Trick or Treat
Mary Christmas = Merry Christmas


Fall TV

Fall TV.  It brings with it the reuniting of old friends that you haven’t seen all summer.  It brings the hope of new friendships and stories to become enthralled in.  It brings new beauty, humor, creativity and lines to quote!

Back are our “nerd” shows
SHIELD, Arrow, Flash

Fitz (the scientist) to Mac. “You are an engineer.” in reference to Mac calling himself “just a mechanic”
I like that Fitz.  Don’t let your friend underestimate himself!


And new shows:
This is Us.
If you aren’t watching it…why!?  It’s amazing.  Even if you think you know what it’s about – it’s so much more.  One word.  Randall.  When he says “What is happening?” as he cracks up in laughter.  The emotional that he shows are amazing.  And the emotions that I feel.  It’s more than manufactured emotions that I’m supposed to feel.  It’s deeper.

Designated Survivor.
Please.  Will someone be nice to him and give him a chance?!   But great show.  Interesting concept.  And yeah, Kiefer.

Let yourself go. And never underestimate yourself or the difference you make.

I typed that a few weeks ago.  It must be from a show.  But I don’t know which one.  But that’s something I love about shows.  The deep thoughts that come out of shows.  Fake characters.  Real emotions.  Yeah,  it’s just TV.  But oh what fun!


Unplugged can be a good thing. Or not.

Going on a trip and not checking email.  Unplugged and relaxing.

Internet goes out for almost 5 days.  Unplugged by force.  Not so much relaxing.   Going without it makes me CRAZY.
It’s amazing how much we depend on internet – almost like power and water.  It is now just a standard utility. 

Unplugged.  Oh, my phone didn’t charge.

Unplugged.  Quiet.  Naps.  Slow sips of coffee or tea and a good book.

Unplugged.  Foo Fighters.  Dave Grohl.  Everlong.  Guitar.

Not that any of those things happened recently

Or that some of those things are some of my favorite things… 

Oops… I did it again

No, not listening to Britney Spears. (well maybe – she does have a few good workout jams)

I have neglected you, my dear blog. I set you up in a nice fancy home. I dressed you up and made you pretty. And I tried – all through the year. But having a three year old at home, I only visited you a couple of times.

And then the summer came. You were forgotten. I remembered you only when I came up with something to write – and that was usually either in the shower or in the car. Two places you can’t come.

Then school started. And I had a mind to “get to business” – that’s what I told you when I sat down at the computer on Day 2 of school. But the lists and spreadsheets of the first week of school swept you away once again.

So now, my dear but abandoned blog. I am back. I hope to see you more often. Maybe for a weekly coffee. Which IS my jam.

Princess and the pea

School is now (soon) upon us.  And my first baby – my middle child – is going into Kindergarten.  confusing, yes, I know… amazing and long story, for another time. 

Since I have an older child, I thought that this might be a little easier.  Been there, done Kindergarten.  I know that every child is different.  But still.  It’s not my first going to school.  But she is my first.

She is my first little baby that I brought home.  She is the one that made me a mom.  She is the one that I bought the crib for – and that very first little mattress.

Of course, it should be a little hard to see her grow up and head off to school.  So to ease my pain  {haha} what do I do?

Today, bunkbeds for the girls were delivered.  Goodbye to the toddler beds.  Goodbye to that first crib mattress that has been with us since the beginning.  Goodbye to the first bed that my sweet girl from China ever had that was her own.  Goodbye to the little girl room.  Hello to the big girl room.

IMG_6198in the top bunk already…writing

It’s probably time – past time – to do this.  But my heart is having trouble saying goodbye.  Seeing the joy on the faces of my sweet girls is helping.

My big girls are growing up.  They may still be small, but they aren’t little.


Rookie seeder

I have this garden.  It’s pretty much the only spot in my yard that gets lots of sun – and is not smack in the middle of the yard.  And I accidentally got this plot of land.  There was a tree there at one time.  Then it was on my house.  Then it was out of the ground.

So my gardening luck started with a plot of land that put a tree on my roof.  But with that tree came rich and aerated soil from all of the roots.  This was a BIG tree.

Out of sheer laziness and lack of faith, I decided to not grow grass.  not that I have grass in my yard anyway.  does clover count as grass?

Last year, I planted a few things.  Mostly seedlings.  Plants that had already been created.  And the growth was something I had never seen before.  And I had planted a few seeds.  More of a fun and silly venture with the kids to see if anything actually popped up and grew.

And the seeds – so much cheaper and so much more reward.  Growing many huge sunflowers from tiny little seeds.  just ask my friend about the sunflowers…   Forget the kids, I was amazed!!

So this year, I did LOTS of seeds.  *rookie seeder*   I did it all wrong.  Crowding, not thinning enough, and waaaaay too many seeds.  But this seed thing ROCKS.  I love the tiny seedlings poking through.  And hoping I labeled the area correctly… wondering what this green will turn into.

And now I have lettuce and snow peas.  I have beautiful cut flowers in my kitchen right now.  All from seed.


Something so small can become something so amazing.  I know there’s a lesson in there somewhere…   

I love watching the new growth.  I love eating from my garden.  I’m not so passionate about the maintaining of the garden.  Although weed pulling is quite cathartic and a great stress reliever.

And so now I’ve gotten the last of the peas… and the first of the carrots.  Probably too early on the root vegetable.  But I couldn’t believe it was in there.  And waiting on tomatoes and cucumbers…

IMG_4604Amazed still!

And now to fight the weeds
-I will lose at this point-

And to fight the Japanese beetles
-I’m winning so far-

And to fight the cucumbers
-why do I forget that they take over every year-


If you’ve never watched “The O.C.” – you are missing out.  Well at least season one.  But once you get invested, you have to see it through.  And really, the series finale is worth it.  It’s sort of 90210-ish and Dawson’s Creek-ish too.  Lots of money.  Lots of snarky comments and big words.  So the main character is “adopted” by this rich family (makes no sense in the real world, but somehow they made this organic on the show) and he inherits a dorky brother  – who is lacking confidence and cool.


but seriously, wouldn’t living in this house define COOL 

So on one ep, he gets a pep talk from a friend to talk to THAT girl.  And she tells him  “Confidence, Cohen!”


that’s it?  can I get any other tips?  

So I’ve been watching The O.C. again recently {thank you syndication} and thinking about this line.  Is confidence something you do?  OR something you are?  OR something you have?

And then it came to me.  It’s not who I am or what I do — it’s WHOSE I am.  I’m doing it all wrong!

Maybe I have been doing it right, but not consciously.   I’ve been trying to figure out how to move forward in simple things.  Writing.  Cleaning out.  Things I love.  And hey, things I’m pretty good at.  So why the faltering?

So onward – moving forward without fear – with confidence.  Looking to the Lord for guidance for the path that I should be on to who I am becoming.  Looking to him for strength to face my fears and doubts.

And looking to him to have the strength to get through this summer with joy and success and FUN!



Moment Maker

So I survived the end of school.  All of the wild afternoons – the kids knew it was coming. Summer.

The last week was wild.  And I only have one in “school” school.  Taking things here and there.  Taking children here and there.  Lots of parties.  Lots of planning for the FALL.  Can I finish this year first?  No. Ok then…

And just to add to all the fun, I had a double birthday party for my two youngest. Two in one! Yay?

End of year birthdays are not the easiest to do. My kids have probably the 3 birthday times that I would choose last (except Christmas time…  MM I’m looking at you!)  The last week of school birthday, The SUMMER birthday, and The FIRST week of school birthday. It’s so hard to plan for parties and class celebrations.  And really hard to explain to the kids – at least right now – why it’s hard.  It’s a busy time.  But really, what time isn’t busy??
So now the summer begins. Finally. I’m so ready for summer.  I am going to miss the routine of the school year.  I’m trepidatious of what the summer will hold — because spring break, with it’s lack of routine, brought the CRAAAZY!

But since summer is longer than just a week, we have activities.  VBS.  Ballet.  Vacation.  Oh yes, and summer reading!!   I’m somewhere in the middle of having lots of things planned and having free time.  Here’s to free time!  And please don’t have a WWE match because the little brother wants to play with you.


I am excited about capturing the moments that this summer will bring.  I want to be a Moment Maker. I want to take the moments that I have and not miss a thing.  Not in a “put pressure on myself” kind of way, but in a grateful and relaxed sort of way.  Is this possible?  We are going to find out!!

But first.  This weekend.  It’s project time.  Once and for all I’m going to tackle THAT space.  The one where I just put stuff and it kept piling up.

Friends_episode184_337x233_032020061517Monica = me

Sure, my upstairs is really neat.  But I have that hidden area of stuff that is piled up for later.  And later has come.  It’s driving me crazy.  I will not carry this over for ANOTHER year.  So the project is planned – a 30 day goal.  There is way more stuff than one weekend can handle.