About Vivacious Home

The blog that I have wanted to do is finally here. I’m getting it started in the new year. Maybe a few days later than the first of January… the traditional kick off to new year’s resolutions.

The word vivacious means happy, lively, joyous and energetic. That is what I want my home to epitomize. This is what I want all the areas of my life to be! So come with me as we make our homes more vivacious.

•  Organizing is an important part of my life – ideas, how-tos and my personal projects can be found in the Organized Home.  Organizing can be fun – and even a little joyous, especially that final product!
•  Being a stay at home mom is my full time job… And I want that part to be joyous.  And it needs lots of energy!  My thoughts, discoveries and journeys will be found in the Mommy at Home!
•  And a new challenge for myself is making my own products at home – instead of packaged, store-bought items.  This exploration is going to be slow.  And a little trial and error.  Well, a lot of trial and error.  This fun challenge (at least for me) will be found in the Healthy Home.