The Big Blob


The week before Christmas, I usually choose to NOT leave the house.  Because I have all three kids in tow.  And it’s crazy out there.  I like a good Black Friday free-for-all once in a while.  But I’m not a “3 days before Christmas” shopper.  Really, I’m not shopping in a brick and mortar anyway.  I like shopping with the computer and mouse.  So at home we stay.  It’s a nice time to decompress from the busy first half of December.  A time to just lay around like a blob.  Wear your pjs.  Sleep in as much as my early risers will let me.  7:15 never looked so good!  

But this year I wasn’t going to blob as much.  I had a plan.  I was going to get so much done over the Christmas break.  I was going to get rid of stuff.  Get rid of it all.  All those “just in cases” and “maybe laters.”  I was going to finally do it.  We had no major plans.  It was GOING to happen.  Perhaps I was dreaming too big.  But I had it scheduled it down to the day.  And I was just getting started when…

My little boy came up to me and said “The bathroom floor is wet downstairs.  But I didn’t do it.”  Ok.  So I’m expecting a small little puddle of something.  Maybe the sink splashed.  Or the toilet overflowed, at worst.

Nope.  I squished into the carpet a good 2 feet outside the bathroom door.  And there it was.  About an inch of standing water in the bathroom.  Definitely not what I thought I was going to see.

So after much crying & panicking (me) and calling the emergency plumber (since of course it was after hours) and shop vac-ing the water out (my husband) – here it was.  Our Christmas plans.  Refinish the downstairs den & bathroom.

All my plans of cleaning out the house, working towards getting rid of stuff came to a screeching halt – before they even began.  Because now, my primary work zone was now overtaken with the stuff that was relocated from the flood zone.

So with my plans halted and workmen coming to the house to remove the contamination – let the blobbing begin.

We blobbed while our house was taken apart.  Then Christmas came – with pjs and presents and cinnamon rolls.  Holiday blobbing.  And then post-holiday blobbing.  And we just kind of blobbed until new years.  No school.  No work.  No real clothes.  Just blobs.

So the new year came.  The tree came down.  Back to work.  Back to school.  Back to wearing REAL clothes.  And it lasted 2 days.   Only two whole days without the blob.

Now winter weather has shut everything down.  Nowhere to go.  Back to blobbing.  Will the blobbing ever end?