Adventure time

Recently, I have been thinking about what I want to do when I grow up.  Well, what I really want to do.

I was reading a book recently – and the character went on several trips, fulfilling dreams of travel and experiences.  And it got me thinking.  What are some dreams and experiences that I have.  Things I want to do.  Things I might be putting off until later.

But later usually doesn’t come.  You have to plan for later.  Well, at least I do.

It sounds easy to do.  Think of what you want to do.  Then do it.  Right?  I have a friend that is really good at that.  She sees a goal and just goes for it.  Courage.  Confidence.

I long to be even a little like that.  But I tend to proceed with caution.  Thinking of things that could happen.  You can call it planning.  Or you can call it apprehension.

VGA capture

So why can’t I just go for it?

I want to play the drums.
I want to be fit and healthy.  And enjoy doing it.
I want to be mindful with my time use.
I want to have something of an organizing business.
I want to rock climb – indoor only.  I’m not that brave.
I want to go to Italy.
I want to live purposefully.

Now some of these are totally doable.  Some of these will take work.  Some of these might not ever happen.  But dreaming keeps the child-like part of my brain alive.

Wait.  This might be a mid-life crisis.  But you know what?  Maybe it is.  Or maybe it’s just the right time.