Air masks

I”m getting to the age that I don’t want to be unfit. Because it might stay that way.  Not that I’m not unfit.  But I would love to start the “hill” feeling a little younger, I guess.

So recently my husband and I did the Whole30.  It was great to have a partner in crime – well a partner in abiding by the diet rules.  It was easier to make meals for 2 than just for one.  And then we were developing our tastes together.  Trying new ways of cooking.  Trying new foods!

I call it a diet, but really it is more of a food experiment.  It served me as an elimination diet – and a food cleansing.  In many ways.  I needed to change the way I saw food.   And it worked.  Eating meals.  Not needing to snack as much.  Eating purposefully.

And that was step one.

I want to be active.  I want to have fitness be an important part of my life.  And I want to be setting this example for my kids.  To do this, I’m going to be trying something new.  I am doing an indoor triathlon.  It’s inside so there is no open water or balancing on a bike.  But nevertheless, it’s still out of my comfort zone.

I’m not so much a swimmer.  Well, actually I’m learning to swim.  Getting into the pool is a brave act every time.  I’m having to learn to breathe in the water.  I really don’t know how to swim.  I can “not drown” but I can’t swim.


So… the kids.   They did not do the Whole30.  (they probably ate worse during it)  And they are a little young to do the tri training with me.  But it’s like being on an airplane.  Well at least the air mask part of it…


Secure the air mask on yourself first.  Then put the air mask on your kids.  I can’t help them and change our ways as a family until I change mine.