Fall TV

Fall TV.  It brings with it the reuniting of old friends that you haven’t seen all summer.  It brings the hope of new friendships and stories to become enthralled in.  It brings new beauty, humor, creativity and lines to quote!

Back are our “nerd” shows
SHIELD, Arrow, Flash

Fitz (the scientist) to Mac. “You are an engineer.” in reference to Mac calling himself “just a mechanic”
I like that Fitz.  Don’t let your friend underestimate himself!


And new shows:
This is Us.
If you aren’t watching it…why!?  It’s amazing.  Even if you think you know what it’s about – it’s so much more.  One word.  Randall.  When he says “What is happening?” as he cracks up in laughter.  The emotional that he shows are amazing.  And the emotions that I feel.  It’s more than manufactured emotions that I’m supposed to feel.  It’s deeper.

Designated Survivor.
Please.  Will someone be nice to him and give him a chance?!   But great show.  Interesting concept.  And yeah, Kiefer.

Let yourself go. And never underestimate yourself or the difference you make.

I typed that a few weeks ago.  It must be from a show.  But I don’t know which one.  But that’s something I love about shows.  The deep thoughts that come out of shows.  Fake characters.  Real emotions.  Yeah,  it’s just TV.  But oh what fun!