And we have reached the end…

or the beginning…

Today – is DAY 30!  The last day of the Whole30.  And I thought it would be a struggle to get here.  Denying myself of my favorite foods – hello cereal and chocolate.  I read that by the time the Whole30 ended, I wouldn’t even want to binge on my favorites or go crazy with a bombardment of all my favorites.  But I doubted that.  Really? 

How could I not want to have my cereal for breakfast?  The beloved cereal that I have had pretty much my whole life for breakfast.  Every.  Day.

But here we are.  My last day of eggs for breakfast.  And I don’t see myself rushing back to my cereal.  Maybe I’ve just gotten in the habit of having something else?  Or maybe my body knows that I need that protein and fat for energy to start the day.  Instead of my sugar/carb laden cereal.  – it really wasn’t that bad of a breakfast cereal… it was a high-protein, low-sugar, high-fiber cereal.

But I’ve made my grocery list.  And I didn’t rush to put my cereal(s) and my almond milk back on my list.  I wonder what has happened?

What HAS happened?  I dread weighing myself tomorrow.  Not seeing the actual number.  But for the number that might not have changed in 30 days.  I feel better.  But that number.  Why?  Why does a number get me?  Maybe it will change.  Maybe it won’t.  But we shall see.

But whatever the number…

My goal was to feel better.  Eat better.  Cut out pointless sugar intake.  Be mindful of what I was eating.  Check.  On all of that.  So I think that this Whole30 thing has worked for me.  I have actually enjoyed it.  I have learned some lifelong cooking skills.  And I have learned to love some foods that I didn’t know that I even liked.  I have learned to truly taste food – and savor.

So on to the next 30 days.  Things might not change that much.  But I’m not going to be the “crazy Whole30 lady” – the one that can only have coffee when I go out to lunch.  But the choices I make will be different.

Cereal.  I might see you soon.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

I was going to say something “corny” here about grains… oh wait.  I did.