There’s a whole in my heart…

…that can only be filled by

I’ll even take oatmeal now!

I am doing the Whole30. It’s eating whole foods – nothing processed, no added sugar, no added fake sugar. A lot of “no” – but a lot of yes too!

So why, why do this? After being sick for almost a month, just feeling blah, feeling out of shape, and having a not-so-great relationship with food (read: comfort food, emotional eating) I figured it was time to do something.  And I think I might have a sugar sensitivity and might have a dairy problem.  I hope not, but we will see.

And if I’m going to do something, then let’s DO IT.

So I’m going for it.  I have said goodbye to my beloved cereal for a month. I am a sweets/carbs girl. And the food on this plan is very savory. I’m not so much a savory girl. But when trying to change how you see food… Savory it is.

Eggs for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Meat and veggies for dinner. It’s a little more involved than that.  *seeing the pile of dishes EVERY day proves that*

Lots of oil.  Lots of fat.  Yep.  Protein, fat and veggies at every meal.  It’s so hard at breakfast.  Gone is my easy yummy sugary bowl of cereal in the morning.

unknown kidding, not kidding

But alas – I’m getting used to it.  I’m past the halfway point of this.  And my need for snacking is waning.  And my desire for my pantry and fridge to continue to look different after this month is over is increasing.  I’m liking the way I feel.  I don’t feel this magical energy that some say they get from this.  But I don’t feel like a total slug.  And I feel like I’m more passionate about choosing what to put in my body.  And the colors on the plate are much more fun!

After the 30 days, there is a “reentry” process.  And it sounds about as complicated as a NASA reentry process.  You test out highly sensitive foods *gluten anyone?* and see how your body reacts.  So halfway to the reentry.

atmospheric_re-entry_demonstrator_-_artist_s_impressionSeeing atmo now!