Oops… I did it again

No, not listening to Britney Spears. (well maybe – she does have a few good workout jams)

I have neglected you, my dear blog. I set you up in a nice fancy home. I dressed you up and made you pretty. And I tried – all through the year. But having a three year old at home, I only visited you a couple of times.

And then the summer came. You were forgotten. I remembered you only when I came up with something to write – and that was usually either in the shower or in the car. Two places you can’t come.

Then school started. And I had a mind to “get to business” – that’s what I told you when I sat down at the computer on Day 2 of school. But the lists and spreadsheets of the first week of school swept you away once again.

So now, my dear but abandoned blog. I am back. I hope to see you more often. Maybe for a weekly coffee. Which IS my jam.