Rookie seeder

I have this garden.  It’s pretty much the only spot in my yard that gets lots of sun – and is not smack in the middle of the yard.  And I accidentally got this plot of land.  There was a tree there at one time.  Then it was on my house.  Then it was out of the ground.

So my gardening luck started with a plot of land that put a tree on my roof.  But with that tree came rich and aerated soil from all of the roots.  This was a BIG tree.

Out of sheer laziness and lack of faith, I decided to not grow grass.  not that I have grass in my yard anyway.  does clover count as grass?

Last year, I planted a few things.  Mostly seedlings.  Plants that had already been created.  And the growth was something I had never seen before.  And I had planted a few seeds.  More of a fun and silly venture with the kids to see if anything actually popped up and grew.

And the seeds – so much cheaper and so much more reward.  Growing many huge sunflowers from tiny little seeds.  just ask my friend about the sunflowers…   Forget the kids, I was amazed!!

So this year, I did LOTS of seeds.  *rookie seeder*   I did it all wrong.  Crowding, not thinning enough, and waaaaay too many seeds.  But this seed thing ROCKS.  I love the tiny seedlings poking through.  And hoping I labeled the area correctly… wondering what this green will turn into.

And now I have lettuce and snow peas.  I have beautiful cut flowers in my kitchen right now.  All from seed.


Something so small can become something so amazing.  I know there’s a lesson in there somewhere…   

I love watching the new growth.  I love eating from my garden.  I’m not so passionate about the maintaining of the garden.  Although weed pulling is quite cathartic and a great stress reliever.

And so now I’ve gotten the last of the peas… and the first of the carrots.  Probably too early on the root vegetable.  But I couldn’t believe it was in there.  And waiting on tomatoes and cucumbers…

IMG_4604Amazed still!

And now to fight the weeds
-I will lose at this point-

And to fight the Japanese beetles
-I’m winning so far-

And to fight the cucumbers
-why do I forget that they take over every year-