Moment Maker

So I survived the end of school.  All of the wild afternoons – the kids knew it was coming. Summer.

The last week was wild.  And I only have one in “school” school.  Taking things here and there.  Taking children here and there.  Lots of parties.  Lots of planning for the FALL.  Can I finish this year first?  No. Ok then…

And just to add to all the fun, I had a double birthday party for my two youngest. Two in one! Yay?

End of year birthdays are not the easiest to do. My kids have probably the 3 birthday times that I would choose last (except Christmas time…  MM I’m looking at you!)  The last week of school birthday, The SUMMER birthday, and The FIRST week of school birthday. It’s so hard to plan for parties and class celebrations.  And really hard to explain to the kids – at least right now – why it’s hard.  It’s a busy time.  But really, what time isn’t busy??
So now the summer begins. Finally. I’m so ready for summer.  I am going to miss the routine of the school year.  I’m trepidatious of what the summer will hold — because spring break, with it’s lack of routine, brought the CRAAAZY!

But since summer is longer than just a week, we have activities.  VBS.  Ballet.  Vacation.  Oh yes, and summer reading!!   I’m somewhere in the middle of having lots of things planned and having free time.  Here’s to free time!  And please don’t have a WWE match because the little brother wants to play with you.


I am excited about capturing the moments that this summer will bring.  I want to be a Moment Maker. I want to take the moments that I have and not miss a thing.  Not in a “put pressure on myself” kind of way, but in a grateful and relaxed sort of way.  Is this possible?  We are going to find out!!

But first.  This weekend.  It’s project time.  Once and for all I’m going to tackle THAT space.  The one where I just put stuff and it kept piling up.

Friends_episode184_337x233_032020061517Monica = me

Sure, my upstairs is really neat.  But I have that hidden area of stuff that is piled up for later.  And later has come.  It’s driving me crazy.  I will not carry this over for ANOTHER year.  So the project is planned – a 30 day goal.  There is way more stuff than one weekend can handle.