500 Words or less

Recently, I had laryngitis. It was “last week” when I started writing this.  Now it’s been a while… Sickness has really hit me hard this spring. Or the end of this winter. Who can tell, when one day it’s in the 50s and then next it’s topping out in the 80s.  The beauty of the south.

So no wonder my body doesn’t know what’s going on!  After having pneumonia, then a virus that tagged on the end of that — which turned into laryngitis, I’m so ready for spring.

Or at least to not be sick. Spring is not my season for that. Hello allergies!

Hello allergies!

While having laryngitis, I thought about how I really had to choose my words — more specifically when I talked…  And it was HARD.  I’m a talker.  Even to the verge of rambling.  I’m also the crazy lady that is talking to herself in the grocery store.  I guess I just love words.  {welcome to my blog}

500 words.  Not sure where that number came from – It seems when you write things it needs to be 500 words or more, when the teacher is trying to teach you to be more verbose.  And then 500 words or less, if you are learning to be concise.

Really there are two main types of writers.  Trying to reach that 500 word mark.

The first:  “Pioneers worked very very very very very very very very hard a long long long long time ago.”   This is going to take forever. 

The second (read: me):  They have to go back through several times and figure out where to take out two “ands” and put in semicolons to get it down to 499 words.  Just under!  Whew! 

Since I wasn’t talking a lot those few days, stricken with my limited playlist voice, I started thinking.  Uh oh.  What if I was limited to only 500 in a day?  Interesting.  What would I choose to say?   I think I would have to think a lot more.  But then I don’t think I’d be ruminating after the fact as much.  Oh, I’d miss that.  yeah right. 

And then magical “two-thirds conversation” that moms with young kids – or really any kids that are going in different directions – try to have with each other.  Those would be limited, maybe making only 1 whole conversation, instead of 3 two-thirds.

But I had to get through THIS laryngitis.  And having three small children that are loud (oh so loud), I have to get their attention.  Well, screaming was out of the question.  I tried clapping, but they didn’t hear it or thought I was cheering them on.  So I got a whistle.  Yeah,  a whistle.  But it was loud, quick — and they paid attention so that I could whisper instructions.  {well actually quiet talk instructions – whispering is bad for your voice}

And I only sort of completely felt like this:

Unknown  Unknown-1

Thankfully my Von Trapp days are over.