Spring into action! Step 6: Finishing up

Step #6.  We are almost done.

Now it’s time to check out any other areas around your house that might need a little decluttering love.  Other rooms that may have problem areas.  See if there are things you don’t use, don’t need, or don’t really want in these areas.


•  Dining room:  How is the dish storage in there?  The dining room table — has it been hidden?
•  Other closets:  Hall closet, Linen closet and Coat closet.  What do you actually use that’s in there?  Would this space be more useful as something else?  Do you need brooms, towels and/or coats in this area of the house?  How better can you share the space and have multiple items in there?
•  Living room:  Most of the time, the flow in and out of this room, so it might have mostly been taken care of in Day 2.  If not, see what problem area is lurking in there.
• Other spaces that might need some attention:  playroom, mudroom, laundry room

The garage, basement and attic are not mentioned in this spring cleaning week.  These are areas that will have to be special projects later!  They take way more than a day or two.  Collecting things for a long time, most of which may be forgotten, these places are like long-term memory.


Once you go in, sometimes you get lost.

The main focus of this week were the main living areas.  Reclaiming the space for day to day life.  Seeing what you actually have – and finding things that you thought were lost.  Taking off that top layer of clutter and disorganization.  Seeing what is working – or really, what isn’t.  Getting ideas of spaces you really want to dive in and tackle completely.

In the next few months, I plan to go around the house, to different rooms and areas, with more details on how to declutter and reorganize your spaces in useful, creative and functional ways!