Spring into action! Step 5: The Office

Paper.  Paper.  More and more paper.
The office areas, family hub, crafting areas (whether adult or kid)

We are tackling the paper areas around the house.

This is step number five.

So much paper coming in – not much going out.  School papers – mail – crafts at home – drawings at school – paintings – bills – magazines – ads – junk mail – real mail – more and more information…

And it just piles up.  And up.  And up.  So you need a system for things coming in and for things going out.  There are SO many options and filing systems out there.  Getting rid of what you don’t need is the first step to get ahead of all the paper.  Throw away what you don’t need anymore.  Old magazine and catalogs.  Junk mail.  Shred if needed.  BUT save and organize all important information – like tax documents.  Keep these in a safe place, out of the way, but accessible.   Put a trash can by the door for junk mail to go straight to it.

For kids’ artwork, try to only keep what is really special and unique, things that stand out and things that mark a milestone — like the first time that “J” gets flipped around correctly when she writes her name! 

For this challenge, just get rid of and/or deal with as much as you can.  That you don’t need.  That needs action.  That has been waiting for a while.  I have piles of papers waiting for me too.  Then start to think of a few systems that might work for you – for the different types of things that come into your home.

Here are some things that I do with our incoming papers.

We have gone paperless on most all of our bills, so that has helped the incoming mail decrease greatly.  On a day to day basis, mostly what we get is junk mail — which goes directly into the trash/recycling.  What bills and notices we do have, I have recently added a things-to-deal-with filing system – functional decor.  One side is for NOW; one is for SOON.  And bonus, since it’s hanging on the wall, the kids do not doodle on stuff we need!


an arrow…I love arrows!

So that’s for the “official” paperwork.  I have a french message board in the kitchen for upcoming school & social information and invitations.  Visible, but kind of out of the way.  And then the big one at our house…artwork.  A budding artist (not me) and all three kids bringing things home from school.  I made an art display wall for pieces they are really proud of and seasonal pictures.  So that we can enjoy them for a little while!  And as new items come in, it’s easier to see which ones are special pieces that I want to save for a little while longer, at least.   They are proud to say “I made that!”



artwork hung on the wall with little 3m clips

These are just a few of my sorting/storage ideas for dealing with incoming papers, etc.  But the key here is to sort and purge.  Go through what you have now.  And find a system that works for you — for everything that you know will be coming in tomorrow!