Spring into action! Step 4: The Bedrooms

Step four.  The bedrooms.

Maybe you are wishing for a relaxing, peaceful place for rest at the end of the day.


ooh, fancy

Maybe you just wish you could see what the floor looks like.


my favorite part is the empty picture frames hanging on the wall 

And kids rooms – from toddler to teenager – there is no keeping up with the mess.  It generates overnight… sometimes literally!


Let’s get started!  These will work for both adult and kid bedrooms!

• Look for things that belong in a different room.  Or things that should be in a different room?  Do you have to have a desk in there? (I do – sometimes there is no other place)
• Then, put things where they go, clearing off surfaces as much as possible.  Bedside tables, dressers, desks, floors, etc.  Leave the alarm clock.  Aw man! 
• If putting things away was not easy, then there may not be a place to put things. See what you might need — like a hamper, shoe rack, etc. — BUT before shopping for storage or moving things around…

Sort and purge!!  Use a similar purging process as Step 3.  Look for unused items, things that have seen better days, stuff you no longer want or need and those things that you wonder why they are even in your house.

The main place you will probably be working is in the closet.  Closets are a huge week-long month-long challenge within themselves, so right now only tackle obvious stuff in the closet.  A few quick glances and a browse through for those things you know are already in there.  Go through a couple of times and pull out some of the obvious stuff.  One day soon, we could do a complete closet makeover… 

Another big item group that could be lurking in bedrooms are kids’ toys.  Again with this, it could take you for-ever to go through all of these.  Maybe hit a few high points – the things in the bottom of the toy box.  Are there things not age appropriate? Broken? Things you haven’t seen in a while?  It will make room for the stuff they do play with – and that means less on the floor!

The main purpose of this step – the bedroom sorting and purging – is to get a little more breathing room right now.  To have just a little extra space in your closet when you are looking for clothes in the morning.  To have a little peacefulness in your bedroom with the surfaces nice and clean.  To have a little calm when your kid can actually find the toy they were looking for, since it was right on top in the bin.