Spring into action! Step 3: Kitchen & Bath

It’s time for the fun part!!  Going room by room!   It’s time to focus on a specific spaces and see what works – and what doesn’t.  What you need – and what is excess.

This room-by-room purge is not going to get to everything that you have.  But is either going to 1) make you feel better about a space by making a little headway or 2) get you moving & motivated to just go ahead and tackle the project completely.  This is designed to do either — or both!!

So we are going to start with the kitchen.  And then move onto the bathrooms.  These are good places to start because they usually have very little in the way of sentimental items, which make for easier decisions.  And most likely in the past two steps, you have not been in these rooms much, with most of your traffic being in the living spaces, bedrooms and office area.

Let’s get started!

• Go through and get rid of things that are expired, unused, or things you are wondering why you bought in the first place.

• Go through dishes, cups, cookware, and small appliances.  See what you actually use, check for duplicates or things of similar usage.  If you have more than one, is one more useful?  Do you have too many water bottles or coffee mugs?  I’m guilty. Big time. 

• Storage containers.  Yikes.  The lids?!  What goes with what?  Try to pick out the ones that you go to most often and get rid of the rest.  If yours are looking really rough, then consider a new set completely.  Like a glass storage set – or ones with self-locking lids.  Whichever will fit your kitchen style.  Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and go for it!

• Now, look around and see if there is anything that’s not working.

Not actually working:  If you see something that just doesn’t work, time to say goodbye.  Every time I use this spoon, it hurts my hand and doesn’t stir very well.  I always have to grab another one.  If something is not functioning very well at all – and it’s something you use – make a plan to get a new one in the near future.   When I use the toaster in the morning, I have to hit the side of it for it to turn on, but I’m used to it…   

Not working flow-wise:  If you make your coffee every morning, but you have to go to the opposite side of the kitchen from the coffee maker to get a mug, maybe think about moving the mugs closer.  This will probably displace something else, but it may be worth it to move things around — when you are fumbling for your coffee at 5:00  6:15 a.m.


So now that you’ve given the kitchen a face-lift, time to tackle the bathroom!  The steps in here are very similar to the kitchen, but on a much smaller scale!

• Go through and get rid of things that are expired, unused, or things you are wondering why you bought in the first place.  Yay!

• In the bathroom, you may have duplicates of things – just in different colors or slightly different uses.  But think about if you really like something or if you are just keeping it because you might like it or use it later.  But later hasn’t come yet.  If you bought a lip gloss in a great color, but it’s just way too sticky and you never reach for it…get rid of it.  

• One of the tricks in the bathroom is finding creative and convenient storage for things like toilet paper.  Think about somewhere you can store a few rolls.  And then hope your family can figure out how to work the toilet paper holder.

• One last thing to think about.  Do you have routines for morning and evening?  Are there things you could group together in a container to grab and go?  Are the things you need accessible?  Do you share the space with someone else – and is there a better way to use that space?

How can your kitchen and bath function best — to make things easier for YOU?