Spring into action! Step 2: Group & Sort

This week’s challenge is more of an overview purge.  It’s to get that first layer DONE.  To find the thing that you’ve lost because “I know it was right there” at one time.  You probably won’t get into the farthest corners of your closets.  But after clearing out the main problem areas that you find yourself dealing on a day to day basis, you will reclaim your space and your HOME!

Today is STEP TWO: Grouping!

There are two parts to step two.  The first part involves moving stuff…

#1  Moving things back to the room that they belong
#2  Grouping like items together (to be sorted through)

Choosing items to group:  Think about the stuff that seems to overwhelm you – and your house.  What do you have an overabundance of?  What do you always seem to be cleaning up?  What drives you crazy?  You may think of lots of stuff, but for today, just pick your top 3 or 4.  Pick groups that you think you can pull together and sort in a day.  Things like:  books, papers, multimedia items, toys, toiletries, linens, clothes (sometimes this one can be a bigger project than it seems at first).  Items that seem to scatter around the house are a great choice!

You can do the moving and grouping at the same time.  Or depending on how many things are out of place, you can complete #1, then move to #2.  Using a laundry basket, etc, to carry items from room to room will make this process easier.  And this part does not require making decisions – so enlist help from the rest of the family!!

Now that you have gathered your groups completely, the second part of step two is the purge!

This is why you only picked a few!   It is time to sort and purge.  Now you can see what all you have.  You may find something you forgot you had.  Maybe you will find duplicates.  Go through and decide yes or no.  Here are some questions you can ask yourself to decide whether something stays or goes.

Do I use it?
Has it exhausted its usefulness?
Does it interest me or bring me joy?
Is it special or have significant meaning?
Do I have similar items?
Is it easily replaceable if I do need it in the future?
Am I hanging on to this just in case one day…?

Have those black trash bags handy and work through each group of items.
Group – Sort – Purge!


Extra credit: Decide where you are going to keep each group.  And keep only what fits in that area.  I have a HARD time with this, and it is definitely an ongoing process!