Spring into action! Step 1: How do I start?

Spring break is upon us… And thoughts of warm weather and the beach fill my head. But the weather is cool and rainy.  And we aren’t headed to the beach.

Ok, focus…  I’m not going to be talking about warm weather fun –


unless you are me and think cleaning out is fun.

I am going to spend this week going through a workshop of  SIX STEPS to spring into action – how to get started decluttering around the house.

And since spring break is usually an out-of-routine week, it’s a great time to start.  But really anytime is!   As my bro-in-law asked me a few days ago:  “Where do I start?”  A great question.  So enough talk…  Let’s get started.


Get some large black trash bags.


I like to get the force flex ones.  The reason for black and force flex is that you can’t see IN the bag and there is less of a chance that something will poke OUT of the bag.  If these two happen, there is a greater chance that it will be REMOVED from the bag.  And we don’t want that!

This step is important if it’s been a while since you have done any purging or cleaning out.  However, I do this step every few months – in certain problem areas around the house.  It’s a great place to start.

So, armed with your garbage bags, go room to room and gather obvious trash items and obvious items that you want to get rid of and start filling bags!!  Don’t forget bathrooms and closets.  Remember, this step involves quick glances and obvious answers to the question keep or toss.  If you have to think about it, save it for the next step!

During this step you will NOT move things from room to room.  Also, you will NOT sort. If it’s something that you have to go through, move on.  You will be back later.

Fill bags ruthlessly — but thoughtfully!

Some tips:
• Since you may have a bunch of black trash bags, I suggest labeling them with a strip of masking tape (I use blue painters tape) and write what is in the bag.
• Once a bag is full, take it to its designated spot.  Take trash directly outside.  Designate a spot for all donation items.  If you plan to have a garage sale later, LABEL what it is – now.  Also, the back of your vehicle could be a great place to put donation bags and go ahead and get it halfway out of the house!
• For some items – books, plates and heavier items, you may need boxes.  I seem to always have Amazon boxes around the house.  You may want to get some of these if you are, say, book heavy…

For some of you, step one may not last very long.  For others, step one might take a while.  But this is a very important first layer of decluttering to make the rest of the steps go smoothly!

Now get ready for STEP TWO!