Cat Nap

I have discovered the cat nap.

I know people that can nap in the afternoon. But to me that was an elusive magic trick.  I only nap if I am sick. Really sick.  If I fall asleep and it’s not bedtime, I know it’s bad.  Sick. Every. Time.

And I’ve always thought of naps being an hour or two.  I don’t have time for that.  And after that long, I just feel gross and sluggish.  As in like a slug.  Yuck.

Alas… I was reading something the other day about the power nap. A nap less than 30 minutes. Because it can increase energy and brain function. Yes, thank you, please. I need both of those.

Challenge accepted!  Let’s get this cat nap started!


Ahh…the cat nap.
I wonder if I look this cute when napping
(answer: no) 

Then I found this cute little app for cat naps (complete with cute kitty cat), I knew I had to try the power nap.  You set it for 30 minutes or less.  It has white noise and a happy little alarm. It’s amazing.

**** What is my deal with cats recently. First the kitten me blogNow the cat nap. I am so not a cat person. Sure, I like them from a fluffy, cute animal point of view, but I really don’t want to live with one.  Weird.  Anyway. ****

So now I’m cat napping during the afternoon.  When that time comes when I come like a slug — needing coffee, staring into space and snacking uncontrollably — I slip away for just a few minutes.  It’s short enough that the kids don’t do anything super CRAZY.  And I wake up more alert and active and functioning like a real live person!  My cat nap is 15 minutes. About 5 minutes to relax and calm down, and then when the happy alarm sounds, I’ve been asleep.  Or at least mostly unconscious.

I may have found the secret to surviving the afternoon…