The silent P

The word around here last week…  pneumonia.  Seriously.  I had pneumonia.  Who gets that? I didn’t have just a regular virus or the flu – or something boring, which I usually have.  More specifically it was walking pneumonia.  I guess the walking part means that you aren’t in the hospital.  Because I wasn’t doing much walking around.  I was taken OUT.  After my stumbling sick Frankenstein walk, it got so much worse.  105 degree fever.  Shortness of breath.  Coughing…so…much. Ugh.  But when the doctor said “it’s pneumonia”


Well, at least it wasn’t a wasted trip to the doctor.  I got a shot and lots of medication.  It was glorious…  Well it was a few days later when I could breathe and I wasn’t coughing so much that I thought my eyes were going to bleed.  Ok.  A little much.  But it was probably the sickest I’ve been in a very very long time.  At least in my adult life.

And of the kitten above… Little Monkey has a shirt that she picked out at the Red Bullseye Store.  I thought it was cute with kittens, but the other two kids were hiding in the clothing racks, I just grabbed it and threw it in the cart.  Hey, it was on sale.  Only after it was deemed her favorite shirt did I actually READ it.  “You’ve got to be kitten me, right meow”  Ok, so not my first choice of shirts.  But now it’s ours.  At least it’s a long sleeve shirt and will be phased out in a few weeks.  And now we have a catch phrase to say in our family, if someone is being ridiculous.  Not that that ever happens around here…

The one good thing about the pneumonia – I got to teach the girls about the silent p.  I knew there was a spelling lesson in there.  In between the coughs.