I am good at getting things done.

But I’m also good at getting distracted…


Wait… where was I?

See, it happened again.  So I’m setting a goal for myself.  I’m going to try to fight through my procrastination tendencies.  Really, my procrastination is this:  getting distracted and underestimating how long things really take or how long I’ve spent on them.  It’s a distracted underestimation procrastination!!!   say that fast 3x

I’ve always had the underestimation thing.  It takes 10 minutes to get everywhere, right?  Maybe that’s why I have a tendency to be late.  The lateness is something that I have almost cured.  It only took a year of training to break that cycle.  I still have my moments…

But the distractions are still here.  And it’s time for them to hit the road.

Let’s chalk it up to mommy brain:  maintaining children, maintaining a household, and everything in between.  My brain seems to just takes little breaks every now and then, and I guess I’m not aware of it.  So here’s to being aware of what my brain is doing!!

So the first step is to identify when it’s happening.  To catch myself in the act of doing nothing!  I’ve started keeping a daily chart, tracking what I’m doing every half hour.  I feel silly.  But it’s helping me get more done, just by writing it down and being able to visualize my day.  I’m mindful of the time already.  But I want to make it a habit to not lose time.  So I will continue and find where those timelessness pockets occur!

The second step is to just do it!


Just jump into whatever I’m putting off, all the while being mindful of how long it’s taking.  So what I’m doing is working in 15 or 30 minute increments, depending on the task.  I also need to realize that tasks really don’t take as long as I think.  Like emptying the dishwasher, sweeping the floor, or …blogging.  The end result is good, but checking something of my list — great!  Whatever the excuse in my head, I need to just do it anyway.

And I need to remember to keep a eye on those

…what was it,

oh yes, distractions.