The Secret Garden

So I told myself I was going to blog three times a week.  And now I’m telling you.  Maybe this will make me more apt to do it.  If it’s OUT THERE…

So my excuse this time is that I was sick.  It took me out for a few days.  Well, only for about 24 hours, but then the other few days had limited brain function.  Only having the capacity to think one thing at a time.  And only one thought an hour.  All of that was used up on parenting.  Basic level one survival parenting.

And then… My husband got sick.  He stayed sick for almost a whole week (er…continues to be sick).  So hence, little time for writing, once again.

But I was very proud.  This sickness (the same one) only took me down for pretty much an afternoon.  Fervent use of essential oils.  Vitamin C like candy.  Roar.  I beat it.  Strong me!

Whoops.  Pride goeth before a fall.  Friday afternoon.  Bam.  It hit me again.  And I had to fight it again.  But it’s on the way out.  For good, this time? 

Pride goeth before a fall.  Reminds me of my favorite movie as a child.  It’s pretty obscure, well at least the version I like.  Read: only VHS quality, even on the $30 DVD offered on Amazon.

The Secret Garden – The Hallmark Hall of Fame version.  I watched that over and over as a child.  It was my first (of many) movies to be able to quote.  And I believe it began my fondness for Colin Firth.


The main character Mary is very hardened and pious.  For reasons she is this way, I will let you see the movie – or read the book!!  Or both!!  In this movie, the gardener quotes that proverb to Mary.   So anytime I hear it, even in my own head, it’s in his voice!


That hat.  That coat.  Right?!  Anyway, I love the movie.  I guess you get that by now.  And my pride that I had beaten the sickness came indeed before my fall.  Back into snot and fever and exhaustion.

Ok, one more.  This face:  gennie

Seriously.  Hallmark movies are really the best.  Just enough cheese and lots of heart!!   More on my obsession with movies like this (aka my Christmas movies) later…