Running with scissors

So this year, as with many of the population, I’m setting resolutions.  But more than a “fizzle soon” resolution, it’s more of a time of setting goals for myself.  With the dawn of the new year, it’s time for a fresh start.  A natural place to take a look around and make some changes.

One of my main goals is to get fit.  Not really lose weight, but I think that will come.  More of just being healthy overall.  So I am starting that with what I put in and what I do (as far as exercise).

I’m taking a step by step journey into more natural beauty and health products.  I love the combination of creativity, science and health that this offers.

And I am trying to make better choices with my diet.  Still room for yummy stuff, though!  My main weakness is the mindless snacking out of the container.  Serving size?  What’s a serving size?  Oh, that.

So measuring out and just stopping to think is really my diet plan.  More of a real-life, real-time strategy.

And somehow last fall before my mindful resolutions started, I stopped drinking soda.  I will have one occasionally, but not 3-4 a day like I was doing.  How could this have stopped?  Well, it was not really my plan.  I had, of course, wanted to stop drinking soda – and I was I diet soda girl, more so for the less sugar than the less calories.  And then my soda of choice – I’m looking at you, Diet Pepsi – did it for me. They changed their formula.  And it was bad.  So much so that I quit.  Instantly.  And it wasn’t all in my head.  A fellow Diet Pepsi friend has also quit.  And she was a 5-6 canner a day.  Whoa.  If she said it was bad…   So soda – Goodbye.  I’m still drinking coffee – I need caffeine somehow!

I was reading a random magazine in a waiting room recently.  And saw an article about Tabata workouts.  Interesting.  The celeb was saying that she could do quick workouts with great results in her living room.  Uh huh.  Do you have 3 loud kids running around too?

I do love to run – I like to call myself a runner, because I enjoy it and can challenge myself to run faster, longer, harder.  But I’m not a “racer” – I will plug along, happy with my personal records and achievements.  It’s my sport of choice.  Mainly because it’s the only sport that does not require equipment.  Me + Equipment = Disaster that ends in injury (myself or others) or hysterical (how did you do that).

I ran in high school.  Not competitively on a team (at least not in high school).  But I ran for fun.  And some of you reading that…RUN for FUN?  Who is this crazy person?  My husband played tennis in high school.  And after taking me out to play a match or two, he understood the running/no equipment thing.

So, back to that Tabata.  I do love to run – but not having a treadmill at home, having LARGE dogs in our neighborhood with no fences, and me having a terrible fear of large dogs – my running takes place at the gym on the safe treadmill (my only exception for equipment).  And that takes a while.  A large chunk out of my already short day.

I had heard of HIIT workouts – but having only applied them to running.  And Tabata is a variation of that.  Working hard for a short amount of time.  You can do anything for 45 seconds.  Then a quick rest.  Like 10 seconds!  I found a few online and tried them – and now I’m hooked!  Now I have time to work in a workout, even if I don’t have time to go for a run.  I can do one that is 15 minutes, if that’s all I have.  And they are made to do in your living room.  Fast and fun!  And I’m even almost about to master my burpee.  Which I thought would never come…  But still, no equipment.