Make my own…

I am in the process of discovering coconut oil. I have read lots of articles like “101 uses for coconut oil” and “Can you believe you can do ___ with coconut oil?”  I’ve started using it in cooking – and now in other ways.  Those big lists are a little overwhelming.  So I’ve found that trying one new thing here and there is the best way… you know, moderation.

My first was toothpaste. I was having sensitive teeth – even with using a sensitive toothpaste. Cold was hurting so bad. Ugh. You better not make me give up my ice cream and my smoothies. So something had to be done. And so… an internet search.  I found several blogs and articles about how an all-natural toothpaste can help with sensitivity. Ok, I’ll give it a try.  My toothpaste is a mixture of coconut oil and baking soda – and a few drops of peppermint essential oil.  The first few times I used it…um, is this what it’s supposed to taste like?  And you have to get used to the non-foaming.  But the cleaning that coconut oil does is amazing.  It has antibacterial properties – so it’s killing germs.  And the slick, clean feeling it gives is pretty amazing.  It sounds weird to be brushing your teeth with oil.  But after a few weeks… no sensitive teeth!!!

My second endeavor was perfect for the winter. And for fun little gifts, too! Lip balm!  Equal parts coconut oil and beeswax – with a few Vitamin E drops.  And then my essential oil of choice.  I started with peppermint for a festive Christmas-time flavor.  Then I tried lavender.  I’m a sucker for lavender.  There are so many choices.  I’m enjoying using my simple and homemade lip balm!

My make my own discoveries are not just with coconut oil.  My new favorite make your own are packaged seasonings – like taco seasoning and dry onion soup mix.  Both have much more flavor than their packaged counterpart and have much more flexibility.  You make a batch and use what you need for each recipe.  You can find recipes for these online – my favorites come from a great blog at Don’t Waste the Crumbs.